Colloration Programme

‘Integrated Creative Arts Programme for Children’ Project’

The programme promotes the exchange of experiences among teachers of joint schools in the comprehensive teaching of music, sports and art.

Through the collaboration of teachers from various schools, we explore teaching ways and strategies that help improve the preparation for comprehensive activities of music, sports, and art, promoting the atmosphere of teaching and research, compiling relevant teaching reference materials, and summarizing successful experiences.

A professional network of school workers is established through communication and collaboration.

Programme of ‘慈心抱抱熊’ 

The programme, launched by TWGHs Ho Yuk Ching Educational Psychology Service Centre, teaches students to be kind-hearted.

‘Good Character Show Programme’

The programme is launched by CMACUHK Tuen Mun Servicing Centre. It instills good behaviour and cultural values in children. Lingnan University has such an outreach programme and YCWH considers this as an aid to improve overall children’s attitudes as well as giving the opportunity for university level students to act as mentors.

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