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For children to learn English well, the most important thing is to love learning it at first. How can we boost their interest in learning the language so that children are not afraid of learning English? In fact, language is life and culture. As long as you read more, listen more, speak more , and accumulate a good foundation over time, your  language will gradually improve. Our professional team of foreign English teachers are committed to provide a rich language environment through diverse language teaching activities such as picture books and immersive English learning. We increase the time for reading and discussion in English with combining English communication with daily self-care. This can provide more opportunities for children to be exposed to and use English to boost their confidence and motivation to learn English.

Session 1A (Full)
Date:14-10-2023 (Sat)
Time:11:00a.m. ~ 12:15p.m.

Session 1B (Full)
Time:13:30p.m. ~ 14:45p.m.

Session 1C (Full)
Date:14-10-2023 (Sat)
Time:15:15p.m. ~ 16:30p.m.

Session 1D
Date:14-10-2023 (Sat)
Time:9:15a.m. ~ 10:30a.m.

Venue:School campus (G/F, King Lai House, Shan King Estate, Tuen Mun, N.T)
Target:Parents & Child
Content:To introduce school mission, curriculum features, visit the campus & class experience session
Quota:24 families / per session

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