Parent Child Positive Writing Station

At TWGHs Lee Wong Hing Cheung Memorial Kindergarten, we believe in striving for a positive attitude towards life. Accomplishing this starts from the heart and the people around us. After the Easter holiday, students were able to return to campus for face to face lessons. Spreading positivity between the staff, parents and students because everybody has returned with a joyful mood. To continue to spread a positive message throughout the school, we will set up the “Parent Child positive writing station” where we will invite students and parents to write encouraging messages supporting each other. This event will take part between Monday 12th April until the Friday 16th April 2021. Each student will receive one heart card and will be encouraged to a message promoting positivity through gracious words after class resumption. The inspiring message can take the form of words or pictures. Once completed, the children can hang their message off the positive tree outside the school.

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