Parenting Tips

How to discover hidden talents and potential?

Parent Tips How to discover hidden talents and potential? Written by: geneDecode Genetics Education Professional Team   Innate potential is an ability that everyone is born with, a genetic characteristic that is present before growth. From birth, each child possesses their own unique talents. In the process of a child’s growth, emotional intelligence, IQ, and the ability to withstand setbacks, among others, are all necessary conditions for success. Among these conditions, each child’s talents are different. Can we discover their innate talents in the innocent eyes of children? Can we be sure to capture these talents and guide the children on a path of growth that suits them?   Here is a mother’s experience:   ‘Amy

How to reduce the side effects of rewards?

Parent Tips How to reduce the side effects of rewards? Written by: Pang Chi Wah, Registered Educational Psychologist at the New Horizons Development Centre   Some parents have the following thoughts about rewards: “The original intention was to praise the child’s good performance, but now the reward seems to have become a bribe.” “He has become utilitarian, calculating the degree of his effort based on the size of the reward.” “Sometimes I even feel that the child has become greedy. The rewards that once attracted him no longer have the original effect. Only by providing richer rewards is he willing to make an effort.”   In fact, in the commercial society where adults are located, bosses

What should I do if my child has a habit of sucking their fingers?

Parent Tips What should I do if my child has a habit of sucking their fingers? Written by: Early Childhood Education Specialist, Teacher Chan-Chen Shu-an   According to Dr. David Levy’s research, children who finish a bottle of milk within 10 minutes (possibly because the bottle’s nipple hole is larger) are more likely to exhibit finger-sucking behavior than those who finish the entire bottle in 20 minutes. Dr. Levy also conducted an experiment feeding puppies with a dropper, preventing them from sucking while feeding. The result was that they resorted to sucking their own or other puppies’ skin, some so vigorously that the skin peeled off. From this, we can understand that the behavior of infants

Enhancing Resistance through Lifestyle Habits

Parent Tips Enhancing Resistance through Lifestyle Habits   Written by: Registered Public Health Nutritionist (UK) and Nutritionist, Ng Pui Yu   In my online community, parents often ask, “What should children with sensitive airways/frequent colds eat to strengthen their immunity?”   When children are sick, it’s not only hard for them but also for parents who care for them day and night. There are many viruses that can cause colds, and since young children haven’t been exposed to them before, they haven’t developed the necessary antibodies, making them more susceptible to illness. It’s normal for young children to have 6 to 8 or even more colds in a year. Additionally, immune health is related to conditions

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